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Were you ever bullied or targeted by a teacher ?

When I was in middle school

My teacher used to bully and verbally abuse me did that ever happen to you ? I’m 23 years old and still remember that 

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    No, but I did once or twice feel slightly targeted by a teacher. He's actually a nice teacher, and I don't think he meant to come across as annoying, but he did a couple of times. There are five minutes in between classes and he spotted me in the hallway, heading to the bathroom with my backpack before class started. TMI: I was on my period and needed the supplies in my backpack. I came back to class and the bell still hadn't rung yet, but the class had started to discuss something (I don't even think it was school related). I can't remember exactly what he said but he asked where I had gone and I had said: "Sorry I was using the bathroom before class" (because better than going during class when we're learning something new, right?) and he looked at me suspiciously (like I had vaped in the bathroom or something) and may have asked why I needed my backpack. Anyway I felt really embarrassed and didn't even feel that well during class. Another time he asked if I was paying attention when I was filling out my planner. For some reason, I just felt like he picked on me, even though I'm usually liked by teachers. 

    I'm sorry you were verbally abused and bullied by your teacher. That really sucks. I feel that if someone wants to be a teacher, they need to be patient, kind, and understanding. The good thing is that there are plenty of amazing teachers out there, but there are a couple bad ones. :(

    Source(s): 10th grade :(
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    I was not no              

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