I miss smoking weed, but I’m scared to do it again?

I miss smoking weed, but I’m scared to do it again. A long time ago I saw an article on the Internet Saying you could have a heart attack, from smoking weed, I smoked weed all out this summer and never really thought of problems with my heart because I never really had them pop up, I have had an EKG, in my heart came back fine, but I still fear that I may have a heart attack if I smoke weed, I have two blunts rolled up in my closet right now, one is Indica one sativa, I really want to smoke weed again, I just don’t know how to approach coming back to it after two months without doing it, and with a fear of having a heart attack, any help or tips would be appreciated

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    2 months ago

    Instead of going back to drug use and I say this again drug use weed may be a natural drug it may be low toxicity but it's still drug use. Get yourself some CBD isolate and a bubbler smoke little tiny pieces of that it'll take all of your desire away to smoke weed and it's not going to give you a heart attack

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