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Do same-sex couples ever use the opposite gender's term as a parent?

The reason I am asking this. is recently my friend has been uncomfortably pushing the term 'Mom' on a gay male friend of mine for their son to call them. This isn't the first time either. Their argument is that 'it's natural for a child to refer to a parent as Mother and the other as a father' so on so forth. and that 'Saying dad when you have two dads is confusing'

They haven't said anything and typically brush it off, then again he never liked confrontation, and my talks with her arent working. So out of curiosity- I wanted to get others' opinions on the matter and ask is it normal? Am I the weird one for thinking it's wrong to try and force the term on someone? 


Might I also add, said friend has also tried forcing the term 'wife' on them and their partner. This however is one my friend has stamped his foot down on. is always starts the same way.

"So how's your Wife, is he doing well today?"

"Husband. he's fine."

"Good to hear."

then the next day she does the same thing.

Update 2:

I would like to note, the one commenting on the 'actual father'... they adopted. I have NO idea what you're talking about but- this woman is not the mother. there is no 'mother' in the picture. just two gay guys trying to raise a kid.

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    It doesn't matter if it's normal or not.

    It's rude of this woman to give unsolicited parenting advice.  It's also rude of her to refuse to refer to these people with the terms they prefer especially since the terms are accurate.

    Most same sex couples with kids that I know don't have an issue with names.  Usually they go by "dad" and "pop" or "Mamma Jean" and "Mamma Kelly" or something like that.  There are lots of different words for mother and father.

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    It's very simple. The child's biological father it it's 'dad', and it's biological mother is it's 'mom'. The man who is not it's biological father should not be given any parental title because they are not a parent. They have no right to usurp the actual mother.

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