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Fountain/waterfall taps ?

Forgive me as I have no clue about this sort of thing but just bought a property that has a waterfall / fountain taps coming out of the wall to the bath and I hate it , how easy is it to get them changed as they are in the wall rather than the bath itself? And would it be very difficult to change the style ? 

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    It will mess up the tiling, but it looks like it is face fixed so it would be a matter of changing it out for a proper filler spout and valves. A lot depends on the construction of the wall (solid or stud) as to how big a job it would be and whether you could match the tiles (rarely possible) or would be prepared to redo the tiling.

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    2 months ago

    I like it. It looks all feng shui.

  • Barry
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    2 months ago

    You would need to install a new bath unless yours has blanked off tap holes.Only a plumber can give you a price. But it has to be do-able. You can get taps that come out of walls, but as already said, tiling may be an issue.

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