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Is Chinese food healthy if you ask them to remove salt & MSG?

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    Depends on what specific dishes you are referencing and how they are prepared. That's like asking if American food is healthy if you remove salt and refined sugar. It depends on what it is and how it's prepared. Also note that "Chinese food" prepared in restaurants in many countries bears little resemblance to the typical diet of people in China. 

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    --  All genuine Chinese food, from all the various provinces is healthy.

    --  Genuine Chinese food, from all the various provinces, rarely has MSG, but may have salt from either soy sauce or fish sauce.--  The food would not taste genuine if you asked for both salt and MSG to be eliminated from your order, but most Chinese food produced in restaurants is not genuine food. It has been modified for western tastes with extra MSG and salt and less of other spices.--  The best method is for you to learn how to make genuine Chinese food and cook it at home with all the correct ingredients.

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    That's not going to happen. If you like chinese food then make your own meals with organic ingredients... problem solved.

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    Maybe. But it will taste like cardboard

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    so once you do that what is it exactly your eating

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