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What might be a good way to create empathy and my dad towards my suffering?

Right now he has no empathy. I’m kind of banging my head into a wall to get them to develop empathy similar to when I was trying to win over approval from an alcoholic grandparent 20 years ago as a teenager. That grandparent was on the other side of my family but had a hard time reciprocating because of their drinking. In my dad‘s case is that he lacks understanding and empathy on my mental illness.  He feels it’s a choice if the mental illness doesn’t go away after a few years.  

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    Can you try to focus more on solutions than problems? Perhaos your father would prefer you to do this.

    Is it possible that his own father was this way when he was around the age you are now? In a quiet period take him back to when he was then and how he felt when treated unkindly by his parents. Do this sincerely with genuine interest - probably best not during an argument. That said, it might perhaps be effective when emotions are high. It is usually better to ask questions than to say things. 

    Good Luck!

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