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What kind of IT jobs or entry level jobs can I get with a Database certificate?

I went to college for Database back in 2016 finished and I'm a certified database administrator. I've been looking for jobs in the technology field since 2016 and had no luck. However I've also discovered that I enjoy working with kids(plus I need a job to keep money coming in and to pay my bills) I do enjoy what I do. Anyway I don't want to give up I. I would like to find a job in the field what I went to school for but I don't think I'm looking in the right place. I do plan to move to Vegas in a few years too. So maybe the job field will open up more idk. Suggestions/thoughts/opinions.

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    Good career online courses from

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    what kind of database cert did you get?  oracle? microsoft?  ibm?  etc.  there are many out there that specialize in various databases.  so using that info you can look on sites like glassdoor, indeed, even linkedin for jobs.  you can look for jobs in the vegas area.  start applying, but make it clear you don't live there yet, but have intentions to move.  some companies will help with relocation assistance, but those are only for people with special skills or experiences they're looking for.  it will usually say in the job posting if that is available.

    where did you get your certificate?  if you got it at a local community college, go back there.  they should have resources to help people find jobs and where they are.

    the military is another option.  they have plenty of jobs in the IT field.  you can see all the ones they have on the branches websites, air force, navy, etc.  though you have to qualify for the IT field via the ASVAB (high school level), and the jobs have to be in demand to select it.  a recruiter will have more info.  and with your college credits, you could enlist at a higher grade as well.  again, mention it to a recruiter.

    the military i'm sure works with organizations that helps children as well so you could look for some volunteering while serving.  a lot of people do that.  

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