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How do I start watercoloring?

I'm completely new to watercolors and any form of painting, I really want to use it to create architectural paintings

but everything i try is bad, really harsh edges, or sometimes all my colors mix together and become brown

i dont know what to do

watercoloring seems hard but i think its so beautiful

any suggestions?

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    I'm an art teacher and watercolours are definitely one of the mediums that require the most technique to really master, but yes, they are beautiful and they are quite easy to start with.

    With watercolour, it's important to have proper watercolour paper, quality paints and brushes. You don't have to go for an artist's grade when first starting out, but definitely go for a student's grade and stay away from children's watercolours. I've had students really struggle with smooth graduation until they tried it with either my or another student's better quality colours.

    As for the brown. You cannot layer watercolour the same way as acrylics or oil paints, so you need to consider your colour scheme before you start.

    My advice is to play around with the colours, look at YouTube watercolour classes for beginners, and if you have the opportunity to do so: take a real life class (maybe once COVID-19 is over?)

    Most importantly? Have fun. :)

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    2 months ago

    Sort out your drawing first.  Get that right then learn how to apply a wash.

  • 2 months ago

    You just have to go for it honestly and find the passion! There's lots of wonderful youtube tutorials that I used to get myself started and I've fallen in love with the medium the more I've used it! The biggest thing is patience, you have to know when to let your layers dry. It's also typical to paint in sections, so you're not spreading from one area to another. Watercolor is deemed the hardest medium by many, but don't let that scare you!! It is incredibly rewarding! Just be patient and forgiving with yourself and know that progress takes time, unfortunately you can't just be as great as some painter you idolize overnight (a harsh reality, I know). Keep at it and you'll find your rhythm!

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