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what if you have 2 zodiac signs in your chart that are opposite to each other?

i hope i'm not sounding stupid here, i'm new to this astrology stuff but i've been getting really into it. i looked at my birth chart and saw that my sun sign is aries, but my rising is in virgo. the thing is it says that aries typically put themselves before others, while virgo is quite the opposite in which they can sometimes put others before themselves. i tend to be more like virgo here, but it's still a little confusing how there's 2 opposite traits in my birth chart. again i'm new to this, but can anyone explain? (=

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    Jyotish Indubala school from

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    1 month ago

    Wow.. Nice.. You desperate *** whys that.. Whatsamatter? Lack confidence? Yeah... Thats probably a good idea..

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    2 months ago

    Aries and Virgo aren't opposites, the opposite of Aries is Libra and the opposite of Virgo is Pisces. It means you display characteristics of both signs.

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    2 months ago

    Man most of y’all that believe in zodiac signs are borderline retarded.

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  • lala
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    2 months ago

    NOT TRUE that we all have 12 zodiac sign in a chart 

    In my chart theres only 4 zodiac signs 

    and when they are to each other ;its not good 

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    2 months ago

    Every chart has all 12 signs six opposing each other and I won't go so far as to say opposite signs have opposite meanings, but you will find planets in signs with pretty much opposite meanings. People aren't perfectly consistent about everything. Al Capone is regarded as a vicious monster because of the people he killed or had killed in the course of his "business."  Yet once he was told about an old woman with dementia who had been tossed out of her apartment and her furniture dumped on the street for non payment of rent.  She had no family.  He sent his men over to where she lived, paid the landlord what he was owed, and had them put her furniture back, treating what was worthless junk, like they were rare antiques. He continued to pay her rent until she died. So we can expect internal contradictions to show up in the chart. 

    Astrologers try to "synthesize" the chart, i.e. bring the disparate parts together.  There are books that attempt to explain how best to do this with. varying degrees of success.

    I'd try this, go to ABE books or some other clearing house for old and used books. Look for The A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator by Llewellyn George.  Look for the oldest edtion in the best condition that you can afford. Very old editions of this book are collectible and the prices are high.  You want something you can work with not just decorate your shelves.  George died decades ago but they still issue "updated" editions every few years. The older editions contain better astrology without new age loopiness. Editions from 1980 and earlier are considered the best, but they are also the most expensive. 1985 is good. 

    There will be a chapter in the book titled "Planetary House Rulers."  Each section begins with something like this: "The ruler of the Third House" and then "when posited in ..." and it lists all 12 houses.  So the ruler of the Third House when posited in the 5th house "Pleasure journeys, mental pleasures through children, brethren, reading study accomplishments and travel to pleasure resorts." This will give you an idea on how to synthesize or make sense of apparent contradictions. 

    Don't try to walk before you run.  Get the significance of the planets, houses, and signs down first.  Then work with things like this. 

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    2 months ago

    The Genius, I see is at his cut and paste best: no logic, no facts, no understanding,  just bigotry.

    You have every sign in your chart.  So does everyone else, so there are bound to be opposites. It is understandable that you might automatically place all emphasis on your Sun sign as that has been your initial introduction to the subject.  However, the Sun is very important, but it isn't going to describe you to the exclusion of everything else nor is it necessarily involved in everything about you.

    The way astrology was done for a couple of thousand years was to use the Ascendant, it's ruler, and any aspects to either or both to describe the individual. The Sun may or many not be part of that description. An educated guess is that your Sun is in the 8th house, although a real interest in astrology might place it in the 9th.  If it is in the 8th (or 6th or 12th), it has trouble "getting out," or being obvious.  

    Mercury rules Virgo so check out where Mercury is in your chart (it has to be near the Sun and is never more than one sign distant) and learn about Mercury in that sign.  Also figure out how Mercury in that sign interacts with Virgo. That will get you closer to where you want to go.

    PS You are going to hear that your ascendant is your "mask," i.e. the person you pretend to be to keep others from seeing the real you.  That's garbage dreamed up by a 20th century astrologer.  The idea has to be that we're all a bunch of phonies or neurotic losers that have to hide what we are unless we're born around dawn the the rising sign and Sun are the same. Horsefeathers. 

  • Snoopy
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    2 months ago

    I thankfully don't have it. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Get used to confusion. What is there to explain by people in the entertainment section? Did your school make any attempt to teach astrology? Why would they ignore such an important subject? How about your parents? Why didn’t they sue the school district to give you a proper magic based education?

    Astrology is magic and totally made up. No organization has ever invested time and money on actual astrology research. Why bother when there are plenty of people that accept astrology without question? No matter which buttocks it originated.

    Instead of just "getting into it",  try to find someone that can show astrology works and how it works. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

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