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cat only eats dog food?

he has plenty of food, but he never eats his cat food. the other cat will and we’ve tried giving them separate bowels but it doesn’t work. and it’s not that our other cat is stealing his food, we’ve tried separating them and his food was untouched. he only eats dog food. why, and how can i fix this?

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    Meal feed everyone. Separate each animal and put food down for 20 minutes then put away the food. They only need 2 meals a day but feel free to give them 3 or 4. They might not eat all of it right away at first but as they adjust to a schedule they will start getting hungry enough to eat all the food in a sitting. 

    If he skips a couple meals you can try mixing in dog food with the cat food and slowly reducing the amount of dog food until its all cat food. You can also try a different kind of cat food. He might not like the kind you are getting. 

  • Maxi
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    Taurine is an amino acid (one of the building blocks of proteins) that can be found naturally in all sorts of foods and especially in seafood and meat. Even when it is not found in abundance in a dog's diet, the dog can produce its own making it a non-essential nutrient for most dogs....for cats it is an essential amino acid they need, so you need to increase the taurine in your cats diet  even if it is eating dog food you can purchase taurine suppliments to add it and/or by adding/mixing in food that has a high taurine content ( shellfish, dark meats of turkey/chicken) or find a dog food that has a higher than normal  level of taurine in it

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    What is there to fix. The cat eats. Be happy. If it's dog food that he likes then so be it!

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    The cat will become ill if it keeps eating dog food, the dog food does not have the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in it that cats need, just feed the dog while shutting the cats out of the room, only give the cat the right food.

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