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Sun sextile Pluto in synastry?

I'm dabbling in astrology so I'm no expert. But in comparing two charts ( I believe this is called synastry).The Sun is sextile to Pluto what does this mean? 

I have done this before and twice the Sun was conjunction to Pluto and the results were very unfortunate for those involved. So I know when Sun conjuncts to Pluto its a very bad sign. But this is the first time I've seen Sun is sextile to Pluto, what does this mean? If anyone has any experience in this can you please tell me. Is sextile a weaker conjuct? 

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    2 months ago

    Sextile aspects are pleasant, but very weak. Sun sextile Pluto does not create chemistry, romantic attraction, or emotional attraction. The Sun-person has a mild beneficial influence on the Pluto person's for self-improvement, and actions that the Pluto person takes to improve themselves is mildly inspirational for the Sun person .. helping them to end up liking themselves

    Yes, synastry is an examination of the aspects between your planets and the other person's planets. The signs do not matter in real astrology .. it is the synastry aspects.

    Look for conjunctions .. those are very strong interactions.  Usually beneficial, but if a "malefic planet" is involved, there will be helpful interactions but also some that are not so-desirable.

    THE most important conjunctions to look for are between one person's Ascendant or Descendant, and the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars.  When this occurs between the two charts, there is a strong and lasting bond ... although emotionally immature people can end up wrecking the relationship anyway.

    Second in strength are the discordant square and opposition synastry aspects. There are always some of them, and you need to pay attention .. because unless both parties are emotionally mature-enough, it is the square/oppostion synastry aspects that will end up ripping apart the relationship.

    The sextiles and trines are very pleasant, but weak.  They do not create a strong-enough draw on their own TO create a relationship. But if conjunctions indicate sufficient attraction, the sextiles and trines are enjoyable.:

    As for Sun conjunct Pluto, the Sun person can be bossy towards Pluto, but the Pluto can overpower the Sun person.  You cannot take ANY aspect on its own but must see it in its environment.  In other words:

    (1) First look at how Sun is aspected within that person's chart. And how Pluto is aspected in the other person's chart.  You cannot make a strong bridge if the basic building materials are weak (the way any natal planet is aspected WITHIN that person's natal chart).

    (2) Then consider any OTHER synastry aspects to that natal planet.  Sun conjunct Pluto is not necessarily bad, since it shows an ability to help each other transform and grow. But if that Sun has a lot of negative synasgtry aspects to the other person's other planets ... it acts "badly" in the Sun-Pluto conjunction. And the same with how that Pluto aspects the rest of the other person's planets.

    (3) Lastly consider the individual's themselves .. even better if you do it from knowledge of them and not from the chart. For instance, Sun-conjunct-Pluto in synastry can help both grow inside .. but that assumes that both of those people ARE receptive to the idea of facing their inner issues and resolving them. Obviously if one/both is not interested in transforming themselves, then the positive side of Sun-Pluto is not going to happen.

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    2 months ago

    Generally any Pluto aspect to the Sun can be about over-powering and domineering coming from the Pluto person.

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    2 months ago

    JUst google sun sextile pluto in synestry 

    and you will get a answer 

    According to me its good 

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