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why is everything horrible now?

This is the worst time ever why? how is everybody surviving? 

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    2 months ago

    People that have no jobs now ,some are in foreclosure and losing the cars.Dam Bill Gates for creating Covid-19.

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    Just live the normal life with precautions about COVID 19... Take care #StaySafe

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    Because of Covid-19 but we will get through it.

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    Sorry, but I don't sugar coat everything. Yes, it does feel like "everything is horrible." The reason it feels like that is because everything is so interdependent on each event with the main event being the onset of COVID-19. It's very easy to compare how "bad things were" through out history, but in reality we have managed to create a global economy. This means that even entire countries depend on each other for everything from technology to clothing and food. No country is 100% self-sufficient. Add to that the ease of travel, which no longer takes days to go from point A to point Z. How this deferrers from historical events is that not every event was world wide. We started off with a virus in a small town in China, which quickly spread to the world. Viruses do not care who you are, they just look for a perfect host. It could have started in any country, but it started in a country with a strong global economy. A country the world relies on for everything. Many countries tried to stop the spread by using lock-downs, which caused financial problems for many people. Politicians turned mask wearing into political statements, which increased the spread. The spread caused many deaths as well. You get the idea.......When you ask about survival, each person is being affected differently. I know someone who lost both his father and his job due to COVID-19. I really don't understand how he can carry on. I just go through each day preparing for the worst and praying for everything. 

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    I don't think everything is horrible. I think it feels horrible for two reasons,

    1) We are smart enough to know horrible things or at least know about them. 

    Things were always horrible we just weren't aware. 

    2) Our standards have been raised so much that the slightest bit of things can seem horrible. 

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    2 months ago

    i find nothing horrible , maybe its you ..

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    2 months ago

    Were all just getting by

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    In Europe, the fourteenth century was far worse than this.  There was the Black Death, which killed a quarter of the population, particularly bad famines and the Hundred Years War.  But the reason is scarcity-based economics and global capitalism, which despite its name Chinese "communism" is the apotheosis of.

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    I would say that these are exciting times that hold great promise for humanity. We are on the cusp of a new evolution of the ME to the WE.

    The ME focus has brought much hardship to the world. The WE will bring us to unity and global prosperity.


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    Surprisingly well actually it's because we have so many distractions now in 2020.

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