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How do I begin the UPSC Mains writing practice?


for daily answer writing program. Knowing your current writing status before joining mains tests. After reading question to answer on that, do'nt write answer on same day, first collect information regarding answer of those question through reading newspaper, internet & take some notes , revise that & next day on morning write answers on those question. Repeat this cycle for 2–3 months then increase numbers in choice of questions. You would notice that ,at close to exam you would have ability to attempt all those questions recommended by IAS & UPSC ONLINE TEST SERIES, STUDY MATERIAL - CRACKIAS

on a daily basis. Practice, Practice and Practice. Everyday. Only through practicing writing answers everyday, keeping in mind the different directive words, the demand of the question and the word limit (from last year UPSC is providing question-***-answer sheet), you will be able to write fast and think fast in the exam hall.Before entering the exam hall, your mind should be trained to quickly identify the nature of the question. In the 3 hours you get, more time must be spent on thinking about the answer, not on questions. Split your answer into few small paragraphs containing one single idea that is a continuum of the previous paragraph and an indicator to the next one.

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