When to worry about a headache? ?

I’ve been having a lot of different symptoms, I have been tested for covid and that was negative, so i can rule that out. however i have been having daily headaches that come on multiple times a day, usually i will wake up and immediately use the restroom, at that point my legs but mainly my feet, will feel tingly almost as if they are asleep, then throughout the day i will feel these sensations thought out my hands as well, usually it stops after about 5-10 minutes. the headaches i am having tend to start around the back of my head and work their way around until my entire head is pounding and throbbing. i then get extremely irritable and sensitive to any and all light, sound and touch. sometimes i will experience a sharp pain in my head, usually around the top by my hairline and a bit back to the top of my head, but it’ll usually subside after about a minute, but that also happens throughout the day. Also, more recently my vision has been very fuzzy and i find it difficult even with my glasses or contacts to read anything that is not directly in my face. in addition i have been feeling more anxiety with heart palpitations, and overall body weakness, and confusion along side these headaches. I really do not have money for doctors appointments at this time, but it’s starting to wear into my daily activities and i suppose i am just trying to see if this is something that needs immediate attention or if it is something that i can hold off on. thanks in advance. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    All your symptoms can be explained by anxiety - the headaches are tension headaches and the tingling is from hyperventilation. Try mindfulness meditation, teach yourself CBT from online resources and DON'T google possible diagnoses as you'll only make yourself panic.

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Could be migraine or tension . Do you spend hours hunched over your phone or computer ? Is your neck stiff when you look down or turn from side to side?

    We have a generation of kids with neck and shoulder problems due to endless hours doing this.

    You might also need new glasses.

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