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How do companies provide customer support remotely?

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    You probably mean remote control and access to take over a screen or session?

    I've used RDP protocol, a Microsoft product.

    I think most meeting ware have remote control, like Zoom.

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    The simple answer is that someone is on the other end of the telephone, so the end user can call them. With VOIP, the call is practically free, even to other countries. The other part of that answer is to have someone who is more than an end user when it comes to both the software AND the system which uses it.  I provided end user support to people in an entire state, on both the systems they used and their computers.  It takes a quick mind to know the difference between a software glitch and a hardware error, AND get the answer to the end user quickly.  Unfortunately, too many of the outsourced customer support people have their information in books and are really uninformed as to what is actually going on. they respond according to what their book says, and without any real experience in either systems or hardware. 

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    Companies set up call centers in places like India.  

    The "telephone system" is entirely based in Internet Protocol now.  There is virtually no cost associated with the actual phone call (which is why telecom companies provide free long distance).  The cost of labor in places like India is cents on the dollar vs call centers set up in the US/Canada/Europe.  It is MUCH cheaper for a company to "off shore" their call centers.

    If there is something specific you're wondering about, reword your question.

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    Call them and ask.They will explain.

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