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Why does society think “disability” is always a bad thing?

As an autistic I wouldn’t have known I was “disabled” if you had not told me. This is why I think adding in life threatening diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes have had a burden on the word “disability”. I would probably just call them a diseased patient. Even mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, OCD, panic attacks are problematic as they can cause you to commit suicide. Because diseases are lumped in with inborn disabilities/non life threatening things like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, tourettes, dyspraxia, dwarfism, gigantism etc, it shows that none of these things have anything in common in reality. 

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    2 months ago

    we live in a culture of labeling. Labels only make people who would otherwise feel limitless feel limited. They cause self-consciousness, and a potential loss of self-esteem and confidence, But they help psychiatrist and Big Pharma get wealthy, so....

    But if everybody accepted everybody's uniqueness without judgment and saw their positive attributes and potentiality to contribute to society, perhaps even due to the fact that they ARE 'different'...unique with unique talents, unique brain structures, sensory capacities, etc....then society would be a MUCH better place. 

    You'd be hard pressed to find such an open-minded perspective in many areas of this country however. Just witness the Trump phenomenon if you think otherwise. As somebody also on the spectrum, who has been misdiagnosed my entire life and destroyed with psych drugs and treated like sh*t as a rule, even by those closest to me so I can honestly say that at this point in my life I feel totally cut off from society... I can tell you that the times I was probably happiest were when I was by myself, completely alone except seeing the occasional passing hiker in some national park deep in the backcountry, with only my survival skills to sustain me and no judgmental humans around to make me feel badly about myself. Or going backpacking and sleeping in a tent in some local state park with my dog as my only companion,  when she was still alive.

     Apparently, the famous line "Hell is other people" from Sartre's play "No Exit' was meant to convey that when we are alone, there is no judgment. Because judgment comes from others and after a while it becomes internalized. Perhaps if I could go back into the woods for a long period of time, which is now very difficult since I am now a (divorced) father and have a son to be responsible for.....I would after awhile not hear that constantly damning inner voice anymore which was created by my mother and father and others when I was very young and has followed me through life, telling me how inadequate and disappointing and 'embarrassing' I was to them. Maybe after a while those internalized judgments that have followed me throughout life would dissipate and eventually disappear in the setting of the wilderness, far from the 'civilized' world, with only God-created nature to encompass me and keep me company.

    But I'm pretty old now, in my  60s, and very damaged. From a bad divorce, and damage from all the psychiatric misdiagnoses and the drugs they gave me which destroyed my brain and body. So that sometimes all I can do is come on here, because I trust people so little now this is the only 'social' interaction I have anymore. 

    So I'll probably just live out the rest of my years like this. Feeling traumatized, angry, grief-stricken and misunderstood. A 'failed' human being. 'Failed' father.  Judged.

     Thanks for the post. I always think people 'on the spectrum' have so much to offer. Ask the questions actually worth asking. Peace to you, my brother or sister. Keep up the fight if you can.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Get a job!! Real simple.  I beat people up over this ssi that trump is gone as of next year our taxes are gonna go up

  • 2 months ago

    Nowadays... Which I believe... People since long ago have the attitude of superlative ego of perfection... Where people wants the best and denial the imperfections... So plenty wants the feeling to be great but forgot we are just humans...

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    2 months ago

    Well, for some people, the label disability actually helps. For me, personally, having people know that I am autistic means that I get a lot more grace for social mishaps and awkward behavior, BUT

    plenty of people have recognized that autism has a lot of upsides for some of the people who have it. I for one LOVE having a pretty darn good memory, being able to recall a movie or lecture or quote word for word, being able to concentrate for hours on a topic that interests me (perhaps that's due to ADHD, but perhaps not? Who knows?)

    So even though disabilities do hurt, they're commonly associated with unique strengths. 

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  • garry
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    2 months ago

    maybe it because we cant do simple things without help that you take granted , try living with out the abality of walking or doing things one handed , or wiping your but .you can do every thing and i cant is why people look down on us .

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because you want to make it so.  Instead of pulling your self up by your bootstraps and NOT USE THAT as an EXCUSE.   

    . The Orange duck is INSANE, but he has conned many people to believe he is a genius. His dad knew full well he was a loser.  He learned how to GRIFT and hang out with people dumber than him.  He fired all the smarter than him ones(3 dozen and rising). But he learned how to hide his disability through LIES & DECEIT.

    Mentioning you have some slight autistic behaviors and what they specifically are in detail helps an employer when seeking employment.

    So, no customer service.  But maybe storeroom clerk or pricer or putting the left nut on the right wheel of a production line of car assembly(a repetitious job) would suit you.

    You could be a successful long time worker.

    Saying you have cancer(you will die someday)

    Asthma is controlled with medication

    Diabetes is controlled with medication

    Epilepsy is controlled with medication.

    If you are crazy, then you would not know it and there is no fixing STUPID. 

    A brain issue is called a DISORDER.

    A DISABILITY is a person who is not all there(meaning 2 funtional arms, 2 legs, a good back, sight, hearing, detecting odors or taste...and being able to breathe on your own.

    I have epilepsy but that does not stop me from doing anything(that does not require a license) I can drive a passenger car but I can't get a CDL or a pilots license nor do I want to skydive. or scuba dive.  Because I am on my own...and while I am pretty confident I am pretty stable, it only takes one time and I am unconscious for 20 minutes.(I would be very close to the ground if I was skydiving).  Flying a plane on my own...20 minutes is a long time to be unconscious .  A CDL means your day is spent on the road driving.  Not the 5 minutes it takes me to get to the job.

    You learn to know what is safe for you to do.

    I never said I couldn't do it. Government rules say I can't and they have their reasons.

    Meaning I can be a Beauty Pageant judge for Hustler magazine.  There is always a job somewhere.

  • 2 months ago

    I am sorry, You do not understand conjunctives.. not well enough,

    the written language, it makes it a problem understanding how other people see the,.

    matter, I am aware you have feelings, the conjunctive...

    I know this makes conversation very difficult, as well.

    You need a guide, not a councilor, 

    Broadening conjunctives..

     "emotive" and on. ...

    Best wishes.

  • 2 months ago

    Well, the word disability means something that you cannot do. So maybe, it's not the right word to use when describing your situation. You may just take a different

    pathway to achieve the same result; and not suffer from

    any unhappiness. 

  • 2 months ago

    disability is not a bad thing instead it is differently able thing that is god gifted. a differently person can do thing differently as a normal person cant.  

  • 2 months ago

    Well, "bad" has lots of different applications and comes in lots of ranges of severity.


    It is not bad in the sense of the person is bad.  It is bad in the sense of it is not beneficial (not good for typical activities).

    The essential idea behind the common view is that perfection is better than faultiness. Given that no one is perfect, we really only see distinctions that interfere with "normal" (as in typical) human functions as not as good as those who lack such distinctions.  So it is "bad" in the sense that it is not as good as regular is.We use the word "disabilty" to indicate such a functional disparity.

    Only narrow-minded people see disability as having any relationship to the quality of the individual or even the potential quality of their lives. 

    The idea is relatively simple in a big view: it is easier to succeed in a game if you are not given specific roadblocks, literal handicaps relative to other players, so anyone upon whom such roadblocks are imposed is seen as being in a worse position, and worse means more bad even when it actually means less good. 

    It is a word choice.  we don't really have good word choices to indicate partially less good than is usual.  the default word is "bad", even when it does not mean bad in any severe sense or even in a true sense of opposite of good.  It is relative, not absolute.

    Diseases are only disabilities if they cause a functional disparity.  the able part of the word is still important.  can the person do what they used to be able to do before the disease, or what another person of the same general situation yet without the disease could do?  Being sick is not a disability.

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