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For something so important as a presidential election, shouldn't the results be recounted at least three times anyhow?

Once by each party and then once from unbiased Asian person

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  • Tmess2
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    2 months ago

    There is no need to do a full recount.

    What is appropriate is that every state should use optic scan ballots.  (It is OK to have a touchscreen machine that prints a voter's ballot and then have the voter deposit it in the machine.)  What is further appropriate is to use a hand recount of randomly selected races in randomly selected precincts to determine that the machine count is accurate.

    What is appropriate is to do a through audit to make sure that every precinct is accounted for and that the number of ballots in a precinct closely matches the number of people who showed up to vote in that precinct. 

    But in twenty years of experience with optic scan ballots, no recount has swung a race by a margin greater than 2,000 votes.  When the closest state is approximately 8,000 votes, requiring a full recount is not going to do anything.

    In addition, a proper recount involves counting teams with one person from each party with any disputed votes set aside for review by a judge or election authority.  

    But a recount will not solve anything.  The losers can always make claims that some of the ballots are invalid and, even when they do not have evidence to support those claims, there will be some people who will believe those claims. 

    p.s. The UN does not do election observers.  Other international organizations do, and some of those organizations had observers for this election and concluded that there were no substantial problems. 

  • 2 months ago

    I don't think that any amount of recounting is going to change a 230 to 300 election it's nowhere near close the man needs to simply walk out of the office and say here you are you're the new president make that the end of it

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No. Three times is excessive, and more than Shilary even asked for. She was able to read the writing on the wall within two days.

    We're 2 weeks in and, and Agolf Twittler is still claiming he won, even though the only proof he has of his fraud claims are affadavits from his inbred supporters, and hearsay.

    This was the most secure election in american history, likely because we were ready for Russia and China's Bullsh*t this time around.

  • 2 months ago

    The US needs UN observers. The system is that broken. 

    Source(s): American.
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