Dream meaning. ?

Hi all. I had a dream, 

I was singing what a wonderful world and walking and dancing past houses. In each house was someone that I do not speak to anymore. Drifted apart fallen out whatever just no longer apart of my life. But I was happy and they were just living there lives. There was a few rooms with these people. And I just hopped along singing my song happy as can be. Not a care in the world. Until I reached the end. In the last room in fact it wasn't even in a room it was behind a building a very close friend of mine ( shes more than a friend) was stood with someone. The someone was a pure shadow so I have no idea who it was or could be. At this point everything went grey and I woke up. Since this dream 2 nights ago. It will not leave my head. And i cant work out the meaning. Thanks in advance if anybody can make any sense of this.

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  • 2 months ago
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    You dance down the street happy to be alive, passing house after house of ppl who  you have allowed to move on without you.  You are aware of this and it is fine with you.  When you get to the end of the rooms, you see one woman outside the house and she was with a dark spirit of a person, a mere shadow of a person.  You noticed this and became concerned and then woke up.  To me, that shadow person represents you and your relationship with her.  She is different from the rest of the crowd, as she is not locked inside a room, but feels freer behind a building. Perhaps she is waiting there for you. She is certainly different from the other women in your dream. 

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