Does anyone know what kind of plug this is and what I can plug it into to plug it in the wall?

Sorry for the long question but this goes to a 2002 Avon Barbie twinkle light tree and I wanna get the lights on again but don’t have the big chunky piece that came with it (the piece this wire would plug into in order to plug the whole thing into the wall) is there something I can buy for this to be able to use it again or are these just not common?

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  • 2 months ago
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    That connector is a 2-pin DIN plug.     

    Electronic parts sources (Digi-Key, Mouser, Allied, Newark, and others) 

    may be able to supply corresponding sockets.    


    Finding a "wall wart" power supply with a DIN socket locally may be difficult;  

    however, they are available.      


    If the lights are incandescent bulbs, polarity won't matter.      

    LEDs will work only if the polarity is correct, 

    but they Will Not be damaged if it is backwards.    




    For those who apparently never pay attention to brands and advertising: 

    Barbie is a Mattel product! 

  • 2 months ago

    Mattel made a similar product.  A couple of possibilities are:

    1. A battery pack.

    2. A power supply for LED lighting.

    The "Mattel Twinkle light" Barbie uses three 1.5 volt batteries. Which would be a 4.5 volt power supply. The problem would be polarity of the batteries or any 4.5 volt power supply. A USB adapter does have a five volt power line which should work if the right connections are made. The outer two pins on a USB connection are for five volts. Pin 4 is ground, pin one is +5 volts.

    Which means you can adapt a charger for cell phones (that charge using a USB cable) to work.

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