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Who plays the mysterious girl who kills Johnny Boz in "Basic Instinct"?

Or did they not reveal it in order to keep the mystery

I despise the movie as much as I do for what it is, but it did peak my mind.

Was it Sharon Stone herself?

We never find out the killer, but I am curious as who is the actress?


No details about the scene or movie. I just wanna know who's the chick. I hate this movie and I'd appreciate no further details. I despise the movie for all it stands for, even if the sex scenes are hot.

Update 2:

Rebel With A Cause

****-for-brains, I meant who was the one who played the killer herself?Was it Sharon Stone.

I'm not asking who's the killer. I don't really goddamn care about that **** movie.

Was it Sharon Stone or some other girl who was acting as a body double?

Update 3:

Rebel With A Cause

Who played the killer? All I care about and was curious. If you don't wanna be helpful, go take your stupid self and go hang out with Lady Frankenslut. XDStupid asshole who has no brains XD

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon Stone.

    It was heavily implied in the final scene.

    If you don't care about the film, that why ask about certain details about the film?

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