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Is it really true garlic, Onions, split peas, and lentils are bad for dogs? Is Oatmeal? How about the myth bread causes worms? ?

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    2 months ago

    Worms hatch from larvae.  No larvae?  No worms.  No larvae in bread?  Therefore, no worms.

    Onions - bad; garlic - bad; split peas I've heard good and bad; lentils I've heard good and bad.  Oatmeal I've never researched.

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    2 months ago

    Feed your dog dog food. Human food is always a no-no. You can literally kill your dog by feeding them human food. Just get some kibble. I have 3 dogs and I love the hell out of them, but they are dogs, not human babies. Stick with the tried and true methods.

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    2 months ago

    Peas (of any kind) and lentils can affect TAURINE absorption by dogs and a lack of taurine can cause congestive heart failure.  Onions & garlic are not recommended, but small amounts can be consumed, if a flavor is needed or a dog eats some stew with them in it.  You can GOOGLE onions or garlic (+dogs) and find the facts.  Oatmeal is not widely used in dog food, since dogs are CARNIVORES, not HERBIVORES and do not really need it.  It is a lower glycemic and higher FIBER carbohydrate and would be PREFERRED for dogs, over a HIGHER SUGAR (but cheaper) carb.  

    Of course bread..... does not CAUSE worms in humans OR dogs!!!!!  (Don't be a DUNCE!)  Bread is usually made from highly processed and refined flour - with little nutritional value, and again is NOT needed by dogs............ AT ALL.

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