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Guys i need help with a QUESTION from the BOOK "THE GIVER" HELP PLEASEE?

Chapter 7:

The community has embraced a philosophy of "sameness". Can you believe that jonas has been successful at achieving this goal? Why or why not?


From the book "the giver" by lois lowry

Update 2:

YESS GUYS I DID READ THE BOOK im confused on the sameness part like im confused what do they mean by if he has achieve his goal????

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    If you actually did the reading - and I very much doubt that you did, then you don't have anything to worry about. Simply tell your teacher that you're unable to meet the expectations he or she set for you and that you'll need to have your assignments modified to suit your level. If your performance in other classes merits moving on to the next grade, it's possible that some arrangements can be made so that you might be able to take a remedial English course where you won't have to worry about comprehension and analysis. 

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    Read the story. This is YOUR homework not ours.

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    Oh FFS. Your teacher wants your thoughts on this, not a stranger's.

    Be specific about what you need help with and people can go from there. If you have read the book you should have a general idea but if you're confused about something then say so.

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