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What dog breed is the best ?

Why are 

“King Les” Kiwi and “Amos” such freaks? 

Who are you to lecture people? You’re not dog experts and I think you’re over compensating for having a small you know what 

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    No idea who King Les is but Amos is so arrogant. And it's annoying how IS feels the need to CAPITALIZE words at RANDOM in every single ANSWER. Make it VERY  hard on the eyes to READ the reply. Now I'l have to GO under anon because he'll GIVE me crap like BEFORE. 

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     • "What dog breed is the best ?"

    THAT is obvious: der Deutscher Schäferhund, aka the German Shepherd Dog - it was ranked only 3rd-Most-Intelligent-&-Trainable by Canadian & USA obedience judges last century, but (1) those judges were biased by the POOR quality of most Yankee GSDs in the latish 1900s, and (2) the judges' top 2 (Border Collie, Standard Poodle) are nowhere near as VERSATILE as a correctly bred & correctly reared GSD is.

    However, you are obviously NOT interested in ❗️THAT❗️ question - your concentration & dedication & ability to stick to one subject are VERY lacking, you INSTANTLY switching to the totally unrelated (and VERY likely to be deleted by Verizon > Oath > Yahoo!):

    • "Why are “King Les” Kiwi and “Amos” such freaks?"

    You then IMPATIENTLY (in less than 10 hours!) chose the ❗️WORST❗️ of the 3 answers - so BAD that it made NO attempt to ANSWER the 1st (aka MAIN) question, so should NOT be eligible for any reward - and thus not giving me time to have my computer fixed, pay this month's bills before the agency closes, then urgently get stuff from the supermarket before opening today's mail and starting a response to it in my own software. By then you had rewarded the ONLY person who had a clue as to what YOU were really "thinking" about - you chose that fellow-coward DESPITE that he/she/it made ❗️NO ATTEMPT❗️ to answer the the question that is in your FIRST field.

    I cannot speak for [Amos] (who I originally thought was male but now believe to be female) as I don't KNOW her and have HAD no personal correspondence from her.

    As for "freaks" - most people who use that term use it to mean "different to me" or "different to what I’m used to". As you were too cowardly to display the username you chose when joining Y!A, I'll have to label you as [Thingy], and so you - [Thingy] - consider those people whose usernames you typed, to be "freaks compared to [Thingy] and his/her/its associates".

    In my case, I sure HOPE so!

    By the way: [Amos] is one of the very few whose answers I rarely 👎.

    And only when I am desperately bored (which happens a lot when the northern hemisphere is starting to detect winter coming!) do I take notice of anyone cowardly enough to click the [Make Anonymous].

    Whereas I am VERY entitled to THIS username.

    See, in about 2003 I was ELECTED as "King Les" in a YahooGroup that I used to belong to.

    And about 6 years ago a distant relative in Britain contacted me and informed me that the Irishwoman my greatgreatgrandfather married in between fighting the Boxers in China's Boxer Revolution, the Russians(?) in the Crimea (for which his superior nominated him for the first-ever Victoria Cross - but the superior's superior vetoed it because he objected to my ancestor 3 times crossing No Man's Land to demand - DEMAND, mind you, despite my ancestor being only a sergeant not an aristocrat! - reinforcements & supplies for his troops) and finally the Māori in my country, had an aunt who married a Prince Edward (that was before the Prince Edward who became King Edward VIII then abdicated in less than 1 year - I hope his USAmerican divorcée wife was worth his deportation and loss of the throne!).

    🤴🏽 So even though QE2 neglected to send me a piece of her birthday cake for when I awoke after my over-night leg amputation during my nation's celebration of her "Queen's Birthday weekend", you can see that at heart I AM a genuine royal.

    • "Who are you to lecture people?"

    🤴🏽1: Je suis le ROI Les le Élevé, majestueux monarque puissant et impitoyable de la myriade de multivers.

    Je ne sais pas qui est l'autre.

    (Unfortunately I haven't studied le français since 1957, and Google is NOT translating my English correctly, so I'll type the original Anglais:

    I am KING Les the Lofty, majestic merciless mighty monarch of the myriad multiverses. I don't know who the other is.

    • "You’re not dog experts"

    🤴🏽2: "not dog experts"??? THAT is another of your delusions!

    Many people would agree that I AM IN FACT a dog expert - in at least the breed I have loved since Easter 1967.

    🤴🏽 When I was given my 2nd pup (the first pup had died of distemper a year before the vaccine reached my nation) in 1951 we were living in a VERY remote district, with access to the only city (40 miles away) starting with a 1-way tunnel near the top of Mt.Messenger. Dad managed a 2 person butter factory so worked EVERY day except during the very few weeks when all the cows were "dry" before their next calf was born. Mum was needed to prepare his breakfast and lunch - and often was the 2nd person in the factory. Me being only 10ish, there was NO WAY I could drive to the city to get coached, and neither Mum nor Dad was a doggy person, so I had to work things out as best I could.

    🤴🏽 I was a class obedience instructor in the first club I joined (1968).

    🤴🏽 In the days when "anyone" could be invited to judge dog shows I was invited to judge a few (I turned them down - I have other ways to make enemies. My wife accepted them and went on to be licensed to judge "our" breed anywhere in the world).

    🤴🏽 I have been the monthly newsletter editor & typesetter & printer of the GSD magazines of 2 of my breed’s newsletters, and typesetter of its national body’s magazine. I built the 2nd club’s print-runs up to over 200 copies per month - its circulation dropped to about 50 a month during the year after I was replaced – as far as I can make out, that club nowadays has NO web-site, NO magazine, NO breeders except the secretary & her husband.

    🤴🏽 I have been a Club Representative and then a National Representative in “my” breed’s national club. In about 1989 that national club delegated me to speak to the Parliamentary Commission about Dog Control Laws.

    🤴🏽 My articles about “my” breed have been published in the breed magazines of at least Australia & Britain plus my own nation - PLUS in some of the monthly magazines of my nation’s all-breeds registry.

    🤴🏽 Two of my now-dead friends (they bought one of my ***** pups and produced something like 4 or 5 generations of champions from her) were international all-breeds judges (which made them popular abroad as they could each judge half of a show on Saturday, then on Sunday swap halves and judge the other half of the show's breeds). One of my current friends (I bought my most recent bìtch from them; they kept the only other bìtch. Their bìtch & her sire are now both Grand Champions – the only such pair I know of in "my" breed & nation) is a current international all-breeds judge although CoViD-19 has prevented him from travelling abroad this year.

    • "and I think you’re over compensating for having a small you know what "

    🤴🏽 The last What or Watt I knew was my house-master at boarding school from 1954 through 1957.

    DON’T judge others by your own failings, kid.

    In my opinion, you are a candidate for repeating Winnie the Pooh’s excuse on your own behalf... If you don't know it, ask a librarian for a Winnie the Pooh book.

    Not much small about ME!

    🤴🏽 For most of my life I was 6ft2”/1.88metres tall, and I currently weigh 108kg/17 stone.

    🤴🏽 When I was about 10 years old and still in a 4-teacher school, the principal measured my IQ and told Dad I scored as IQ 140. In about 1998 I sat a test for a Business Executive screening agency and, despite NOT having brought my reading glasses with me (because I was unaware that there would be any WRITTEN test), plus being interrupted during the test by a lost(?) woman strolling in to the unlocked testing room and chatting with me for a few minutes before leaving, the tester who marked my answers stated that I was above the top score for which they had rankings. In 2019, having a few minutes to spare, I sat an on-line IQ test to get an idea as to how many brain cells had been destroyed back in 1959 when a truck-driver emerging from a cutting through the top of a ridge was blinded by the low morning sun, didn’t see me sitting on my side of the white line waiting for on-coming traffic to produce a gap so I could cross into the street that led to the teachers’ college, so his heavy truck ran over the front wheel of my Vespa motor-scooter, catapulting me into the air so that my unaided skull smashed the driver’s door handle off. I consider that the time taken must be a strong factor in that on-line "for fun" test, because I couldn’t be bothered actually working out the answers so just raced through the test – and was unbelievably told that my IQ was 177!

    🤴🏽 However, my Cross-Country Running, Hockey, and Indoor Basketball muscles have been diminishing since about 1990, being replaced by fat.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    You are acting very childish.  You do not know them well enough to even form an opinion & none of them give a hoot about your opinion.

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    2 months ago

    No, I don't know.  I DO know that this "question" is against Yahoo rules. 

    I do note they don't ASK questions, can figure out their own problems, do their own research unlike, well, you.

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