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Do I have a right to be upset or am I overthinking?

My boyfriend and I had plans on Friday, we weren’t going to do anything special. I was going to go to his place, probably eat dinner and watch a movie. He calls me last night to say that his friends are organising a catch up on Friday (just guys) and said he has not seen them in a really long time, so he asked if we can reschedule for Sunday. On Saturday he is going out with a different group of friends that he will most likely get drunk with and be hungover, moody and fall asleep at 8pm when I see him on Sunday (it’s happened before) . I feel like I was his back up option and he’s cancelling because he would rather spend Friday with them, but he’ll leave Sunday for me so he won’t have to do much 


@mamawisdom - I have no problem with him seeing his friends as much as he wants. What bothers me is that he’s cancelling on me to spend time with them

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    You feel how you feel, this isn't about rights.  Given what you posted, it seems you are being somewhat petty.  Of course, I have no idea where on the planet a group of people is getting together for a "catch up" or why you wouldn't want your boyfriend to self-quarantine for two-weeks before seeing you.

    In any relationship, it is important to have open communication of expectations.  If you feel your bf should never spend time with friends, then you need to find a guy who agrees with you instead of feeling putout because the guy you choose to date likes to see his friends.

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    2 months ago

    🥴 Yes.

    However... you are not yet his wife. These are things that will come up until you both eventually disconnect from friends and family.

    So... Id highly suggest you weigh out the pros and cons. Is a relationship something you really want?

    If yes... then make it work. 🥴 Otherwise, youre strong and brave. Id be like "fvck that shxt. 😒"

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