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Are the Irish legends correct about the time period of the Exodus?

It is said in legends that the Fir-Bolg left Egypt at the same time as the exodus.

"they leave Greece at the same time as the Israelites escaped from Egypt. In a great fleet, the Fir Bolg sail to Iberia and then to Ireland.". .

Ahmose I conquests the Hyksos sometime between 1549-1524 BC, approximately.

"Ahmose's reign can be fairly accurately dated using the Heliacal rise of Sirius in his successor's reign, but because of disputes over from where the observation was made, he has been assigned a reign from 1570–1546, 1560–1537, 1551–1527 and 1539–1514 by various sources.[16][17][18]".

Slaine mac Dela is said to have led the Fir Bolg back to Ireland.

"Sláine (Sláinge, Slánga), son of Dela, of the Fir Bolg was the legendary first High King of Ireland, who cleared the forest around Brú na Bóinne.[1] He reportedly came ashore at Wexford Harbour at the mouth of the River Slaney.". .

The date of his return is given as, 1513/14 BC.

This actually fits with known history and a 1514 BC return is quite consistent with the conquest of the Hyksos?.


Link for Ahmose I reign. .

Link for Slaine Mac Dela date of return. 1513/14 BC. .

Update 2:

Made a slight error.

I meant the Fir Bolg left Greece at the sametime Israelites left Egypt.

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    Greece was not yet an empire, had no great fleet. Egyptian Empire and Moses @ 1200 BC  Greek empire founded 800 bc

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    The problem with myth and legend as history is that they are myth and legend.

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