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What do people mean when people say “big enough to turn around”?

I have a 6 month puppy that I’m training whose coming from a home, where the owner allowed him to poop in his crate, and lay in it.  So I’m trying to figure out the proper crate size for him, when people say it should be big enough for the crate to turn around”, does that mean big enough for the dog to change position or? I don’t want him to turn around and use the bathroom.

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    If you train your dog, you have no need of a crate.  It would be much better for the pup & you if you used an 'exercise pen for dogs'.  I HATE crate training.  I have had a ton of dogs & I have never used a crate on any of them.  No reason to.  A crate was made to transport dogs/animals from one place to another & was never meant to be a little tiny prison cell.

    At least look at the 'exercise pens for dogs'.  So many ways to use it.  It is portable & can be taken anywhere.  The park, the beach, a friends house, camping.  Much roomier than a crate & you could remove the crates door & just use it as the bed in the pen.  Plenty of room for a blanket, Toys & Chews, food & water dishes & room to lay out a pee pad or newspaper.  A much better option than a crate.

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    • "What do people mean when people say “big enough to turn around”?"

    It doesn't matter what THEY mean.

    What MATTERS is what they SHOULD mean.

    Which is.....

    🔸 LONG enough for the ADULT to stretch its legs out at both ends, and WIDE enough for it to turn around in when it is an ADULT, and HIGH enough for the ADULT to stand up in from time to time.

    🔸 In addition, there should be enough room left over for a water dish. And if the dog is to be fed in its crate, there must be enough room for it to do that stretching out and that turning around even with a water dish and a food dish in there.

    But as YOU don't yet know how BIG he will actually grow to by the time he is an adult (especially if he is a cross-breed!) - 6 months is rarely even HALF the adult size - you need to find a crate or a kennel big enough for the very BIGGEST this kind of dog has ever grown to be. A kennel with a slightly raised sleeping box at the far end is MY preference before I am sure that the dog is house-clean. See my dogs' pens & the access to their sleeping boxes in miserable weather.

    By the way:

    A crate regime actually RUINS a dog's chance of learning to be house-clean.

    • "I have a 6 month puppy that I’m training whose coming from a home, where the owner allowed him to poop in his crate, and lay in it.  So I’m trying to figure out the proper crate size for him, when people say it should be big enough for the crate to turn around”, does that mean big enough for the dog to change position or? I don’t want him to turn around and use the bathroom."

    Don't be "prissy" - dogs don't use a bathroom (they'd leave a disgusting mess there if they did!), nor do they use a toilet (it takes a VERY skilled trainer to teach them how to piddle & poo while standing on the seat - even so, some of the piddle or poo is SURE to end up on the seat or outside the china toilet bowl. Dogs are built to go OUTSIDE for exercise and for release of piddles or poos!

    The previous owner didn't "allow him to poop in his crate" - he or she FORCED him to mess in his crate by NOT staying home and NOTICING his signals then TAKING him outside, followed by praising & rewarding him each time he piddle-pood in a suitable place.

    As his cleanliness instinct has been broken by being FORCED to mess in his crate and then LIE in it, you are going to need to stay home WATCHING him for many months. It would probably be quicker to build him a hoseable pen and NOT bring him inside until you have SEEN him piddle or poo out there - and then to put him back out in his pen no more than 2 hours after bringing him in.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    Large enough for the dog to stand and turn around...... no dog should be left in any crate long enough to toilet in it and if the crate is made into a den along with the door clipped open, so it can go in and out itself along with its bed/water and is fed in it dogs do not toilet where they sleep and eat

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    If you train the dog properly to pee and poop outside and take him out for exercise regularly as well, and do not keep him shut in a crate for more than a couple of hours at a time, then it does not matter how big the crate is.

    Its also not `necessary` to crate a dog at all if its trained to be clean indoors and does not cause damage by chewing on things it should not.

    A  crate should always be large enough for a dog to  stand upright in it and to be able to turn around in it. 

    A  crate that is so small it limits a pups movements is cruel and just asking for joint problems.

    AS Verulam states. Too many people abuse the use of dog crates and use them as a prison for the poor dog. 

    Pups should be allowed to run about and investigate things, not shut inside a cage for most of the day and night. 

    Once a pup is properly toilet trained to relieve itself OUTSIDE, a crate should only be used as a den for the dog and the door of the crate left open at all times.

    Also, while  you are training the pup to poop outside, you will need to get up at least once during the night to take it OUTSIDE or it may well just `go` where it is. 

    This pup needs training from scratch to be be clean indoors. 

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years. UK
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    2 months ago

    Exactly that - the dog should be able to stand up and turn around without banging the sides.    And even if he's been forced to mess in there with his previous owners, there's no reason for you to continue to leave him in a crate for that long, so he has no option!  Too many people crate abuse.    If you don't want him toiletting in there, don't leave him in there so long, so he has to.

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    why do u need a crate? If u have a back yard there is no need for one . Potty training is not an easy thing to do and people use the crate for this purpose, with the dog down the track getting health problems from holding it in. Crates are a relatively new thing and I beleive most people abuse it . 

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    It should be big enough to allow him to turn around. That's exactly as it sounds. Crate toileting won't be an issue unless you're planning on locking that poor pup up inside of it for far too long like it's past neglectful owner did.

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    If you have a puppy that has routinely defecated in a crate and laid in it, they are going to lack the instinct not to soil the crate, and the size won't matter at all. When a crate has been abused like this, it can't be used for housetraining. Or at all until the puppy is fully housebroken. The dog will not have any expectation that it will have an opportunity to relieve itself soon, and will soil the crate any time the urge strikes. You'll need to set up a larger area with an easily cleanable floor (laundry room, kitchen, bathroom all are common options) to confine him to when you can't supervise, so he is not forced to sit in his own mess if he has an accident.

    At that point, the crate should be at minimum large enough for the dog at full grown size to fully stand, turn around fully without banging into the walls terribly, and lie down comfortably. A crate too small for the dog to turn around in is just plain cruelty.

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