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Whirlpool microwave making gurgling noise. What could cause this noise? It's not the tray, I removed tray to check. Helpful answers please.?

The microwave still heats. The noise is getting worse every time I use it. Today sound like something was going to pop. 

I know, buy a new one but I like this one. Thank you in advance for your serious, helpful answers.

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    A gurgling noise sounds like it could be the drivetrain that rotates the lazy Susan inside the oven.

    But if it really is an unmistakably liquid sound, the only thing I can think of that might have a liquid in it would be the capacitor in the power conditioning hardware for the magnetron.  And if that's gurgling, it's done.  The fat lady is singing.

    If you know what you're about you could replace the cap and the oven would probably be fine.  Caps aren't expensive.

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    For sure, unless you can diagnose & fix your microwave yourself, it will certainly cost much more to have someone come in and fix it, than simply replacing it.

    However, if this oven is a  favorite of yours, and removing the tray is as far as  your mechanical skills go, find a trusted, local, handyman, who may be willing to come to this microwaves rescue.

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    the radar tube is about to go kaput . 

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