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How do I change my work ethic when everything has been given to me since childhood?

I lost my parents when I was a kid but had an awesome family take me in & am now I'm in my senior year of college studying for my MCAT. Recently, ,my work ethic has crashed & I can't seem to have it as sharp as I did my freshmen-junior year. I feel like I'm developing a victimization mindset, which shouldn't be happening considering I've never even had to work, pay bills, etc. I'm blaming a lot of my problems on a pandemic that I haven't even been exposed to (compared to others). I feel as if I'm being bratty but can't seem to sit in my chair & focus. Any tips? 

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    At least you are trying, good for you, you seem like a level headed person that's willing to own up to your personal responsibilities. My opinion is that it is normal for you to slip up specially since you are doing heading into your final year, that always takes a toll, just pace yourself and plan what needs importance. 

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