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How long does it take for dog to feel better after having a UTI infection ?

How long does it take for my dog to start feeling better from her infection she had a UTI the vet gave us some medication and she has been taking it every day few days left but she is drinking and eating just doesn’t seem like her self not playing she is going outside for walks just wants to sleep anyone can suggest something for me 

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    I answered this for your 7 days ago and I quote.....

    "Normally a dog MUST be on ANTIBIOTICS for a urinary tract INFECTION 10-14 days; as per the number of pills given TO YOU, by your vet for the dog. Your dog may show slight improvement (after 2 days of meds) but DO NOT stop the medication before you finish the pills - or you will only knock back" the infection and it will come back STRONGER."

    If your dog's UTI was not "cultured" the vet simply made a guess as to the best antibiotic (since this was the cheapest course of action).  Unfortunately if s/he guessed wrong, then dog will not be cured & may need a different course of treatment if a urine sample still shows infection.  

    You also mentioned the dog had a FEVER and this is NOT normal with a UTI, so we have NO IDEA of some OTHER issue, like a tooth or uterine infection (on your intact 9 yr. old female)  might be part of the problem.

    My advice, consult with or go see the vet...again.

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    Antibiotics go for 10 days,  if that antibiotic isn't working the Vet will run another antibiotic for another 10 days.  So it just depends on how she does with the antibiotics & how bad her infection is.  Cannot set a specific time that she will feel better.

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    Get back to your vet.   Sometimes it take a chance of antibiotics to clear the infection.   If he doesn't hear from you, he'll assume your dog is better.   I prefer to see an improvement within 3 days although the course must be completely finished, or it might return.

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     That would depend on the type and seriousness of the uti itself. So ask the treating vet. At best.

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    You should speak with your vet

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