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My dog jumps and bites when I take her running/jogging, what can I do? ?

My dog is a 6mo spayed female, malamute/king shepherd mix. She’s very friendly most of the time and doesn’t normally bite except when I try to take her running, I’ll try to have her jogging beside me but she has a habit of running out in front of me like she’s herding and then she jumps up and tries to bite my face. I’ve never taught her to herd and she walks very well on leash when we aren’t running.. I have her in training and the trainer just says that  I just shouldn’t take her running. I feel like I should be able to run with her, and that  there must be a way to train this out of her but he says it’s her age and that I don’t need to do anything about it. I have a gentle leader for her which doesn’t help with this issue, even if I’m holding the part attached to her face, she tries to bite whatever she can. Honestly, she never bites any other time, not even in play.. she doesn’t ever pull when walking and does a perfect heel but I can’t seem to find a way to fix this and I don’t trust the advice of my trainer 

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    Your trainer isn't wrong, but not for the reason you are complaining about.  The advice was good medically speaking.  The dog is a PUPPY and still growing and developing.  LARGE breeds and mixes - like yours are very prone to hip and joint issues and any vet worth his salt would tell you NOT to run or jog with any large breed less than 12 months of age.  Running at a forced pace (yours) and on hard surfaces, can very easily do major damage to your puppy's soft bones and joints.

    When you do try again to run/jog with the puppy AFTER it has matured AND your vet gives you to go-ahead, then exercise the dog first, by letting it run freely on grassy fields or doing some serious retrieving etc. so it can blow off some of its excitement.  

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    Don't even need to read all of you question to know that the dog just needs proper training.  Doesn't sound like it has had any training.  The first two things a puppy needs to learn is Potty training & to 'stop puppy biting'.  They learn this at 8 weeks of age.  By now it should know all about Basic Obedience training.  Training is vital to having an obedient dog.

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    You could always Train it not to of course

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    The trainer is correct you should not be doing run training with a 6 months old, especially a large mix breed you will get problems with joints later on which are at this age not yet formed.

    So knock run training with your 6 month old on the head and concentrate on walking , training/socialisation

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    Firstly you should not be `running` with a 6 month old dog of this mix.

    The dogs joints and bones are  still forming and too much forced exercise can do damage to joints and bones, especially if you are running the dog on concrete or very hard ground.

    A dog of this age should only be running at its own pace and time.

    So, in fact your trainer is correct to advise you not to run with the dog.

             The dog is jumping at you probably in excitement at this age and obviously needs to be curbed from doing this by training her properly.

    Train on grass and start with teaching her to walk to heel at normal, slow and fast paces and progress to short running paces as  she learns to stay by your side.

    Do not use a headcollar on her while training. Just a normal collar.

    Never train a dog while its wearing a headcollar or any other gadgets that take the place of proper training. 

    It takes time to train a young dog to stay at heel at all  paces.

    You may be expecting too  much from the dog at this stage.

    I think you should trust your trainer more. JMO. 


    Source(s): GSD owner for almost 58 years.
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