Is he interested or is he just being friendly?

So a guy I went to school with, we’ve started hanging out a lot more over the past year and i’m not sure if he’s interested or just being friendly. We’ve never actually hung out just the two of us. Whenever we’re together it’s always the four of us his best friend whose dating my best friend, and i’d consider him one of my close friends. When we text he heart reacts my messages and sends red hearts. We smoke weed together as a small group and whenever I go to leave he always tries to convince me to stay. Always comes and sits next to me even when theirs other empty chairs around and will ask me to sit next to him. He’ll always ask someone else to ask me to come hang with him or go out, which makes me think maybe he’s scared or intimidated of me or that he just feels he’s obliged to make me come coz my best friends going out. We also went out last night with a few friends for drinks and we sat next to each other and he had his leg on my chair. Im also to scared to make a move because of rejection and then making it awkward for us. 

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