Do mothers get jealous and act childish when their kids get married?

Pissed at my mother right now..

I'm 33 years old and I'm an only child. I've only been married for 10 months. At first, my fake mother always went on about how proud she is of me and how much she loves my wife and how my wife is the best (which this part is true). But now It seems like shes jealous that im actually doing good with my life and not depending on her. We haven't talked to eachother in months now because of some childish game. She keeps finding stupid reasons to be mad at me so that I'll end up begging for her forgiveness even though I was completely innocent. She can't take her childish behavior to my wife because my wife is too sweet of a person, so she directs her childish behavior toward me. Just today I called to wish her and my step dad a happy thanks giving and she right way acted childish. Only said a few words then passed the phone to my step dad, then I guess the phone disconnected while we were talking. 

Whats the deal with weirdo parents that act like they're jealous of their own kid's success?  

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  • 2 months ago
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    The "deal with weirdo parents" is that they act "weirdo", and your mother fits the bill. She may be resentful of having to "share" you with your new wife. But this kind of behavior surely must have preceded your marriage.  Some parents, especially moms, feel left out, no longer useful, betrayed, etc., when their children become independent adults. They can cling to their former roles as "supervisors", be needy for attention, demanding and accusing, etc. Does this sound like your mother? 

    Stand your ground. You don't have to be hostile, but you do need to be firm and not to respond as a child would, but as the adult you have now become.  Be sure to defend and stand up for your new wife, when and if she starts getting attacked.

    I hope your mother will discover satisfaction in this new phase in her life, look for opportunities to suggest or even create new , interesting outlets for her, e.g., volunteering, social groups, etc.

    But most of all,don't feed into her current behavior ! Good wishes,  

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    My mother didn't. My husband's mother didn't, and I didn't when my daughter married. I guess the deal with weirdo parents is that you have them.

  • n2mama
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    2 months ago

    Yes, some mothers get jealous, although not usually about their children’s success. It’s more so about the fact that they (mom) are now a lower priority than they used to be. You spend more time with your wife and less with your mom, probably both in person and with other connection, like phone. And if you’re a only child, this is very true, because you have no siblings to share that attention. And yes, some mothers are manipulative and try to play the guilt trip card, or maneuver the situation to their advantage. Good for you for identifying it and good for you to stand your ground. Keep up with it, because I can almost guarantee that it takes a toll on your wife as well.

  • T J
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    2 months ago

    Best to keep them completely out of your life. She is a very toxic person. If you want to be happy with your family and how your life is going, forget you even have a Mother.

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