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Christians, have you ever read the holy books of other mainstream religions - like Islam, Hinduism etc?

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    Yes, i read a bit from Quran and krishanite translations of hindu books.

    However hinduism is not a mainstream religion, it actually has many religions within it, many gods and many books, etc. which contradict each other.

    But they could not compare to the Bible, being more primitive or silly.

    For example Muhammad claimed to get information from the same God of Christians and Jews, yes his message contradicts both the Bible and his own teachings and lacks many details. Like claiming that Jesus was not crucified and God is not a Father, mistaking king Saul for Gideon as the one who checked how people drink from river, before going to battle, mistaking Miriam sister of Moses for virgin Mary, mother of Christ, etc. It is obvious it was written by a person who heard something from Jews and Christians, but memorized them wrongly, as many details are missing or changed, so it betrays human mind and errors, rather than a supposed dictation from God or a book which came from Heaven.

    In krishnaite books they claim that that their god Krishna is the same person as Jesus Christ, or even a better more perfect incarnation of their god Vishnu, but their behavior is very different.

    Krishna (or Krsna) was a pagan, people at his time thought it was alright so smear babies with cow dung or piss, because they were thought to be holy and would purify them - i don't remember him saying it was wrong.

    He was a butter thief and hooligan in childhood, stealing from people's homes and making there a mess, if they would try to hide their food from him.

    And krishnaites would excuse it as if it is so lovely to think about his child games, even though i think they would punish their own children if they did so.

    Also Krishna would use dirty tricks to spy on bathing women and see them naked, claiming they must bow down to the river god, etc. or would marry over 16000 of women whom he supposedly saved from a demon, appearing to all of them at the same time at night.

    He also supposedly raised a hill to protect a village from rain, but told people to worship that hill, instead of some god Indra who sent that storm.

    It was a very silly story, excusing pagan idolatry, lust and immorality.

    Of course, it could be explained allegorically to mean anything - like God's love to his followers, but so can greek pagan myths, of the same type.

    The actual Jesus Christ did not support idolatry, was righteous, did not harass people and did not commit immorality with many women and instead acted right in deed and worshiped God His Father only, not in words only.

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    Genesis 1;1 From the creation Thruough to the New Creation 2 Cor  5;17-21 Revelation 22;17-21 warns of adding or taking away from from this scroll There are many gods  some named others not But when moses went to free the Israelites they wanted to know Gods Name Exodus 3;13-15 in Chapter 9;16 Jehovah wants everybody to know His name He is using His Witnesses to do that despite false religion doing their best to hide it Jeremiah 23;26-27

    Source(s): Acts 2;21 All those calling on that name will be saved
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    Christians don't even read their own 'Holy Book' let alone any other religion's.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Only portions. I'm highly studied with a stellar education. Half my life so far.

    But like things I lose, and go in search of them,  when I find them, I stop looking.

    I found the Holy Bible Truth of God long ago. No need to keep searching.

    John 17:17 KJV — Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

    Colossians 2:8 KJV — Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

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