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How do I avoid women who "settles" for me for being safe after they had their fun, instead of appreciating me for who I am?

I am worried because I am a young professional with an education and a high paying job. However, I am not as experienced with women as I want to be, because I had dedicated, hard-working, focused on goals in order to be where I am at. I am afraid that I might be taken advantage of by women who see me as a safe person to settle with.

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    Look for Real Actions to Find Out If She Cares About You. 17 Signs She Deeply Cares About You:

    1. She tries to be honest with you.

    She should understand that trust in relationships is very important. So, pay attention to how honest she is with you. She will share personal experiences with you and will also easily answer the frankest questions if she likes you. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon because not all girls can communicate openly. Sometimes you need to be patient to deal with their shyness.

    2. She looks for an opportunity to talk with you.

    When a women cares about you, she will not miss the chance to be alone with you. She will smile a lot and try to attract your attention. This is so obvious that average intelligence and observation are enough to notice her interest. But sometimes it happens that a woman knows how to restrain herself. So, you need to be attentive.

    3. Her speech is changing.

    If she carefully tries to hide her feelings, then, most likely, this is one of the signs she cares deeply about you. She can speak nervously somehow. For example, she may start talking quickly or, conversely, she may become speechless. Also in her speech, pauses may appear that lead you both to an awkward situation. It’s just because she’s nervous being with you.

    4. She seeks how to make you laugh.

    Many women are very proud of their sense of humor, unless, of course, they have it. When she cares about you, then she will try to make you laugh by all means. She will also be interested in your jokes. This is absolutely normal. Most likely, she likes you, and thus, she expresses her attraction.

    5. She can tell something hidden.

    Of course, these are not intimate things, but in a conversation with a man who is pleasant to her, a women can talk about things that are really dear to her. For example, it can be an important event from her childhood, etc. Only those people who dream of becoming closer can speak on such sentimental topics.

    6. She becomes more caring.

    When a women cares for a man, she tries to take care of the subject of her attraction as often as possible. The instinct of motherhood is laid in women by nature. Do you feel sick? Wait for the girl appears on your doorstep with a jar of raspberry jam and warm socks. This is how they show their care to those they like.

    7. She gives compliments.

    The women in love will shower the object of adoration with pleasant words. She will praise your clothes, style, and behavior in a particular situation. You hear her say, “I like your hair,” “I like your outfit,” and so on. 

    8. She gives her attention to you.

    The keen eye of a woman in love will undoubtedly not miss a single detail. She will surely notice your haircut, any slight change in image and will certainly tell you about it, of course, in the form of a compliment She shows her concern in this way. So, there is no need to doubt whether she really cares about you.

    9. She is interested.

    If a girl cares about you, then, she has to show genuine interest in everything that is connected with you. Women suddenly begin to watch football, which they were not particularly interested in before, or they become fans of boxing for no reason at all. This is because she wants to share an interest in your hobbies.

    10. She sacrifices herself.

    Women often have to make sacrifices for love. For example, she chooses you instead of meeting with her friends. Some women can change the style of clothing at your request. They may agree to jump with you with a parachute. Behavior that contradicts and is not characteristic of her is a clear sign of care about you.

    11. She wants to hear words of love.

    If a women has feelings, then she will try to prove it herself and demand proof from you. Sometimes this is expressed by the words like, “Say that you will always be with me,” “We will always be together,” “Do you really feel so good with me?” This suggests that she cares about what will happen.

    12. You are her number one priority.

    If a woman takes care, she easily sacrifices a party with her best friends in favor of her loved one, or she will take him with her since personal relationships are in the first place for her. In fact, this proves that the women cares 

    about you, and she wants you to have fun too.

    13. She always finds time for you.

    In her insanely busy schedule, a women will always find time to meet a man of the heart, call him or send a gentle massage. But if you notice that your chosen one rarely calls, conversations are short and, for the most part, formal, then it is unlikely that she has fiery emotions for you.

    14.. She is glad to see you.

    How to tell if a women cares about you? The attitude will be read in the look of a women: when you are with a women, her eyes begin to glow, and a smile is constantly on her face. Being with friends, her looks will most often belong to you. When the women jokes, she is sure to sneak a glance at her chosen one, analyzing how he will react.

    15. She doesn’t pay attention to your flaws.

    Flaws and shortcomings in the appearance and character of a man she likes don’t cause a negative reaction in her since she loves him for who he is. And the women is constantly trying to support her man. Next to her, the guy’s self-esteem is always adequately raised.

    16. She thinks about you in sex.

    In the intimate sphere, the women makes sure that her partner is as good and comfortable as possible. She is attentive, doesn’t ignore contraceptives, and doesn’t force the man to have sex in case of bad circumstances or poor health. She will try to please her partner because she cares about him first.

    17. She doesn’t need anyone else.

    When all the thoughts of a women are occupied by one man, she will not dream of other men. An indifferent women doesn’t hesitate to even periodically recall her past relationships and, possibly, compare with the current one, and not always in your favor. That’s why you have to catch such small signals.

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    It’s hard. All you can do is watch their actions and their words. Make sure they align. 

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    Get an older woman. 

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