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I cannot yawn, and I notice something else weird?

Ok, so before i noticed that i couldnt yawn, i noticed there is some sort of spasm happening in the back of my throat all the way to possibly the mid neck. I dont have low oxygen but it is making me feel as if i am having trouble breathing, and with these spasms, it feels like I cannot relax my neck no matter how hard I try. I also have been having gagging problems/dry heaving for the past couple of months, but back then, i was able to yawn. I thought it was maybe acid reflux but maybe I am wrong? Is this something I should see my doctor about or should I wait to see if it goes away/if i can eventually yawn again? Everytime I try to yawn, it will not happen, and sometimes, i will gag instead. thanks for any help. 

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    Are you on any type of medication that might give you these side effects or perhaps having an allergic reaction to? Do you by chance eat spicy food regularly? Try to analyze some of these things. If you can't figure it out it'd be best to make a doctor's appointment to be on the safe side.

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