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Husbands friend lacks “etiquette” how would you personally respond? Am I wrong to not allow him to stay?

We moved into a new home in February. My husbands friend is from NYC and wanted to escape the pandemic in March so my husband and I allowed him to stay with us at no cost from March - May. 

My husband and I mentioned to him in conversation recently that my husbands sister would be staying with us until January. His response “did you buy a carpet cleaner for your guest room?” “Your guest bedroom smelled like cat pis*s it was disgusting.” “You should really invest in new rugs I was laying on your floor doing yoga and it stunk.” “You

 need to do a better job at keeping your house clean” My husbands sister said she smells NOTHING in our home and complimented how nice our home is. I take a lot of pride in my house and feel I do a good job keeping it clean. We actually keep our house spotless. He is a PIG and left our guest room smelling like weird essential oils, left our shower and toilet absolutely filthy too.

He wants to stay with us AGAIN from January - March 2021. He “claims” he’s looking for work here in North Carolina (where we live). I do not want him here! Am I wrong to put my foot down? I just thought that was so tasteless and insulting. Thoughts?? 

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    yes, put your foot down and tell your husband to man up and tell this guy no. ask you husband if he's afraid of his "friend"? anybody who would be rude enough to say those things, is not welcome in anybody's house.

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    Tell him he can't stay because your house is too filthy and it ain't gonna get any better. Then refer him to a 5 star hotel. 

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    Absolutely put your foot down ! You have multiple reasons to deny his request, including his rude and insulting comments, the risk of the pandemic, and just plain old inconvenience. 

    But you don't owe him any explanations either. A simple "No, it won't be convenient this time", can suffice. And I suggest that the less said, the better.

    (Did he even pay any rent? I bet he didn't !)

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