Why is my older sister doing this to me?

I’m a 40 year old man still living at home. I am now my mother’s caretaker and POA. My older sister has always been this way with me. When I was 22 she won a trip to NYC and, knowing how much I love NYC, she gave the extra ticket to my other older sister instead. Then, a few years later, I saw these natural earth stone globes at the local TJ Maxx store. I let it be known to her how much I loved them and wanted one. Well, Mother’s Day comes and she gets the exact one I wanted to my mother. With the condition that it is to never enter my bedroom and that I am neither to touch or look at it. And, when something happens to our mom, it goes to my sister. My mother didn’t even want one. Now, for my dad’s birthday, she sent him two Amazon Echo devices. He never wanted them. He isn’t even tech savvy like I am. Same conditions, I am not to touch or look at them and they are never to enter my bedroom. She even got mad at me for setting them up with my own Amazon account that I already had. She wanted me to set up an account just for her dad. Why is she like this with me?  I am the one who really wanted to bring those Amazon Echos into the house. I can’t afford to buy one for myself because I lost my job this year because of  the COVID-19 pandemic. 


My life has always been like this. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I actually wish this sister would just die like my other sister did. Then I’d finally be an only kid to my parents. It really stinks being the youngest. I always got treated this way. And you would think, at 40, that I would be treated this way still. 

Update 2:

I am not a troll. I am just, honestly, asking why I have always been treated like this. My entire life it’s been like this. As a kid I was never invited to spend the weekend at my sister’s house with her and my nephew(who is just 1.5 years younger than I am). I was even told that I wasn’t invited back then. Even as a little kid, that hurts. As a teen I was told, by my mom, that my two sisters thought I was weird and that they make fun of me and talk about me behind my back. 

Update 3:

After 40 years this is really bugging me. 

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    maybe you should ask her this question

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