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Does Scientific anthropological studies support Irish pseudo history regards to many of the inhabitants being originated from Spain?

".[32][33] Genetic lineage investigation into the area of Celtic migration to Ireland has led to findings that showed no significant differences in mitochondrial DNA between Ireland and large areas of continental Europe, in contrast to parts of the Y-chromosome pattern. When taking both into account, a study concluded that modern Celtic speakers in Ireland could be thought of as European "Atlantic Celts" showing a shared ancestry throughout the Atlantic zone from northern Iberia to western Scandinavia rather than substantially central European.[34]

In 2012, research showed that occurrence of genetic markers for the earliest farmers was almost eliminated by Beaker-culture immigrants: they carried what was then a new Y-chromosome R1b marker, believed to have originated in Iberia about 2500 BC. The prevalence amongst modern Irish men of this mutation is a remarkable 84%, the highest in the world, and closely matched in other populations along the Atlantic fringes down to Spain. A similar genetic replacement happened with lineages in mitochondrial DNA.[20][35]".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ireland#Prehistoric_... .

"Érimón,[1] (modern spelling: Éiremhón) son of Míl Espáine (and great-grandson of Breoghan, king of Celtic Galicia), according to medieval Irish legends and historical traditions, was one of the chieftains who took part in the Milesian invasion of Ireland,".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89rim%C3%B3n .


Irish psuedo history states that Ireland was colonised in waves from Irish people returning from Greece, and also Spain.

However genetic studies to support Irish people being descended from Celtiberians in the Iberian peninsula.

Also, please try not to include childrens stories in the answer, or if you do not have the basic fundamental knowledge of the subject, such as Iberia being Spain, or a basic understanding of what Irish legends say, then this question is unlikely good for you.

Update 2:

Therefore, why is it considered mythological that Eber Finn and Erimon, descended from kings of Spain, led Galicians to Ireland 1287 BC?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_High_Kings_o... .

It fits with modern history and scientific study. (One eyed giants have nothing to do with adult history.. every culture has childrens tales).

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    You want real history. Ireland used to be part of Laurentia (North America).


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    >>why is it considered mythological<<

    Because it is an 18th century construct based on myth

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