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Can we all agree that the one common blessing we, as a nation, can be grateful for on this Thanksgiving is no more Donald Trump?

I don't care who ya are.  No more Donald Trump. 


@Cul-De-Sac777 = the whining "vox populi" speaking for all of Trump's angry right-wing extremists nationwide.  LOL!  You poor bitter, tortured little souls.  What an attitude at Thanksgiving!  Thanks for representing the Republican point of view so well!

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    Americans have a lot to be grateful. trump was not able to steal the election. The US will regain respect from the world.

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    Wait until the monster is completely gone before celebrating.  He still has about 8 weeks.  I vindictive S.O.B. like him can screw up a lot of things in that time, & you can be certain that he will.

    Instead of tolerating the Spreading False News by this "cul-de-sac' loser, I just reported & blocked him.  I derive great joy by eradicating such vermin.  

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    What did Culty - De- Balls 7777 say . Who wants a one party thing ?

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    Most Americans will be thankful for a return to normalcy, decency and competent leadership in the WH.

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