How to adjust tension, so super computerized washing machine can work with our solar panel system?

Hi. We recently changed our washing machine. We got a super computerized Whirlpool that was covered by the warranty. At the time of spinning, it would make a grinding noise, as if some dangling piece was getting in the way. We exchanged it twice, only to find out the machines were fine, it's our tension that fails at the time of the spin cycle. We have a 48v battery set and an array of solar panels. I can provide more details if asked. I don't know much myself, but is there any hope we can add a device that would normalize the tension? Or can someone point me in some direction? Thanks.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    The washing machine will be drawing most current when heating the water (since it is only cold fill - at least here in UK), but you won't notice any issues at this time, it will just take a lot longer to heat up.

    When it goes onto spin, that's the next time when it will draw a lot of current, so as the other answer said, you need to provide more current from your solar panel setup.

    Since it's the batteries which provide the direct power, the panels are used for charging, they are not providing enough, or the inverter which converts the DC from the batteries to AC for the washing machine, isn'r high enough rated for the maximu power required.

  • 2 months ago

    More batteries and a bigger inverter. And tension is an incorrect term for electric current.

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