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My aunt gave me money to fix my truck, but I had to pay the light bill and buy groceries, now she's lecturing me?

Why cant rich people understand when you're rock bottom things come up.

I have no job and no transportation.

I was counting on a 2nd stimulus check.

I guess I should have been in the dark and starved? 

Yet she used to send my brother money all the time no questions asked. 

I just wonder why people feel the need to talk down to you.

She asked if I found a job and I said no because I never fixed my truck she didnt let me borrow enough money.

I also had to make sure my kids ate.

And I had bills to pay.

I know it's not their problem but my uncle said a car battery was not essential?


Thanks trolls for the non answers.

I think they wanted to avoid guilt or blame. 

Update 2:

I cant get a job without transportation morons.

Update 3:

You stupid liberals

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    at lease shes helping you out with some things

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    She's acting very high and mighty and self ritcheois like a toxic parent.

    Talking to you like a child.

    She's rich and never struggles. They cannot possibly fathom your situation or what it's like being poor.

    When I'm rock bottom, the first thing I do is buy beer and pizza, then some movies when I get money. Nothing wrong there.

    You explained yourself, but it's never good enough for them to hear and they dont acknowledge any excuses.

    This treating you like some child.

    Rich people are very ruthless.

    It's rare to get support from people and family.

    I gave my fiance money to emergencies and she bought an antique. So I gave more money a d she was ok.

    Instead of criticize you, your aunt should send more money.

    Right now anxiety and depression is effecting millions this year.

    The fact that you had bills to pay asap was a priority. 

    The answer saying bills and food can wait, obviously never starved or lived in the dark before.

    Lastly, things happen and we make mistakes.

    Don't let your aunt make you feel like a lowlife or scumbag.

    I would stop talking to her of she gets mean, but don't burn the bridge. That's terrible you had to go through that. It's not like you went and gambled, hit the clubs, or bought drugs. 

  • Audrey
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    2 months ago

    The thing ask for money to fix your truck. You should have fixed it. Then maybe you could get a job and pay your other bills. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Well that was a pretty legit rant, and I can sure understand your situation and why it upsets you, but I really don't see a question there of any kind. Was there one? I mean, did you want to ask something, or simply vent a bit? You're complaining about 'non-answers'? Maybe if you asked us an actual question we could answer you, dweeb.

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