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Was it rude of me to call my sister overweight when she has constantly pointed out my flaws for the past few years? ?

I’m going to try to make this short. I’ve had a sweating problem pretty much my whole life. At this point, the only thing that can be done is getting Botox in my armpits (nothing else has worked). It’s obviously an embarrassing issue and one I wish I didn’t have. I live about two hours away from my sister and every time I see her, she brings up how I’m sweaty or stinky (she’s the only person who has said the latter to me). I usually don’t say anything back; I just ignore her or say “I know” just so she stops. She brought it up again tonight and I had had enough and I told her “I’ll stop sweating when you decide to lose weight”. She is overweight and I probably should not have said it, but she just pushed me over the edge. My mom acted like I was the most horrible person in the world for saying it, yet she has NEVER said anything to my sister for making fun of me. My sister is generally unhappy person and I’m happy most of the time, so I think she takes a lot of that out on me. Was I a jerk or no? 

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    2 months ago

    yes, cause two wrongs dont make it right

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your mom is stupid.

    Your sister is fat and never sweats because fat people are sedentary and lazy.

    You should be proud God gifted you with sweating and a metabolism.

    Instead of listening to your fat pig of a cow sister and bad mother, you should wear shorts, gym clothes and look sexy. Then work out.

    Drink water, and shower, use deodorant.

    Why are you sweating? Is it hot and humid? 

    You can ruin your health trying to get botox not to persperate.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    She got a taste of her own medicine and clearly found it tasted bitter. If she can't take it, she shouldn't give it out. The fact is that she's treated you really badly. You have a medical problem that's not your fault and she's cruelly mocked it. Conversely, she chooses to be fat and that IS her own fault. Personally, I think she deserved it and you shouldn't feel bad. 

  • 2 months ago

    Sounds to me like she had it coming.

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