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What do you do when all your family chimes in with what they think is best for you job wise?

I am 45 going back to school to get a 2nd associates. What I was planning on doing isn't going to work out. But I need to talk to a career counselor and figure out which direction to go in. I have taken a career assessment provided by the school and the results were investigative, realistic and social. I am a freaking loser and don't know where to go or turn. Any advice would be appreciated. 

My family is telling me be a CNA be a Vet Assistant be Forensics scientist, a Research analyst. I am not sure where to turn or go. I do like helping people but i don't want to put needles in anybody or animals. I am doing caregiving and not fond of it. Please help Sorry if my grammar is bad it has been over 13 years since I have been in school.

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    You are 45 years old. You are full well and capable of doing what you want to do. That said, either be blunt and tell your family to keep their opinions to themselves, or perhaps tell them to go and try these jobs they're telling you try and let you know how it works out. Or, you could simply just let what they say go in one ear and out the other. Only YOU know what is BEST for you.

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    just tell them you dont want to talk about it

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    In terms of the opinions of others you can always ask where they're getting this information because they may have read some valid piece on the future of careers that would help you. But TBH a second AA might not be as helpful as a trade school certification. Something like lab or med tech would probably be an organic segue but if you can't stand the sight of needles or blood that won't work. Maybe consider vocational training to be licensed to work as a dental hygienist or some medical adjacent field that doesn't normally involve lots of blood. That pays pretty well, it's a "people" job and it's not overly gory in most cases. 

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