how can I run my domain name and e mail in different servers?

my domain name is running in my webdesigner server , but i want to run my e mail in my own server ,how can domain name and e mail run in two servers ?

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    2 months ago

    DNS MX records determine mail routing.  Look them up because they have a precedence to them.  The other thing is that mail routing uses MX record but the old version simply connected to the IP directly as a last resort.

    Your domain can have separate A records (this is mostly for web) as well as MX records and nothing has to be the same.  So suppose we have domain "" , web server or and mail server "" at  We want the web server to respond both to AND and we configured the web server to do that.

    So in DNS (where @ is the domain

    @ IN A

    @ IN  MX  0

    www IN A

    mail IN A

    So the IP for is, and this is for your web server to get connections for "" Mail will route to  Using MX records, your domain's IP is not really associated with how your mail routes.

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    The server with website must be primary. There are settings to change in cpanel on that server to redirect email to your server. For details, I suggest looking for websites that offer email services and read their instructions to get the fundamentals.

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