I have afro hair and i started applying undiluted black seed oil to my hair and scalp...?

Anything wrong with that?

As people usually dilute it with olive oil or other carrier oil. I didn't know it must be diluted, i thought you can just use it like that. Although others are saying that it is very potent for brittle hair on it's own.

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    2 months ago
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    Oils wont do anything for your hair as it's dead and incapable of drawing anything good from it. The scalp is skin so that's a bit different. But what will happen is what happened to me.

    You keep applying oils to your scalp, which produces it own oil anyway and two things happen:

    1) the oil build will begin to show and good luck getting that out.

    2) your scalp will stop producing it's own oil and it'll become dry and irritated.

    Your hair follicles that open and close along the hair strands will become clogged with a oil it can't process (it can only process it's own oil as in scalp oil) and this will cause it to become brittle which will lead to breakage.

    Hair oil is a billion dollar industry of people trying to convince you it will work. It makes little to no difference. Castor oil doesn't make hair grow faster. Coconut oil does not fix split ends. The best you can do is eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, wash hair only twice a week and trim the ends. 

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    2 months ago

    stop doing that as it's not doing anything for either your scalp or your hair

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