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Do victim have a rights to choose who get arrested and who not?

Let supposed there's six guys damaged my vehicle at parking lot with metal baseball bats. The damages goes beyond the value of vehicle itself.

I mean I know who all six guys. I call police to make crime report. Now can I said this to police, just arrest only one guy, don't arrest five other guys. Let five other guys get away with damage my vehicle but only one.

Now problem is when go to court. How court can it be handle? Because one guy only damaged 1/6 of vehicle value because he is not only person, there is 5 other guys who did it but I choose not to have 5 other guys arrested.

What's outcome? Or likely police and prosecutors gonna say have to arrest all 6 to file charge all 6 of those guys even if all I want is one guy get arrested not other 5?

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    No, you don't.

    They can arrest all 6 even if you don't want any of them existed.  Even if you want no one arrested, they can arrest them anyway.

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    No. All you get to do is report the crime. The police will then investigate and decide whom to charge with what. 

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    No, not at all.

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    If you say that to the police, NO ONE will be arrested, with the possible exception of YOU. The charge against you would be wasting the time of law enforcement.

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    No, you dont get to "pick and choose".   You provide any and ALL info you have.   The more info you provide, the better your chances of any of them gettin prosecuted..  And the better your chances of getting recouped for your losses.

    One incident= one police report.   Name all 6 vandals in the rwport.All 6 are equally liable for the cost of the damages..  So if you only have the name and address of one..  You sue that one.   If you only know two names.. Include both in your lawsuit, etc..  Its on him to persue his accomplices for their share of the costs.

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    I can only go by general law in the USA. In a civil court involving monetary compensation only, a victim can sue who they wish. In criminal cases, a victim is a witness of the government represented by the District Attorney. A victim can file a sworn complaint with police. The police decide their actions. 

    In what you describe, you must swear an honest statement. The police will arrest them all typically. If you lie, you are committing a felony crime of perjury. If you tell the police to only arrest one guy, you poison your own case. 

    There is no division of the damage. All six damaged the car and all can be jailed and fined and you or your insurance company (if covered by Comprehensive in your policy) can sue them all. 

    Lying can fine you a lot of money, and can put you in prison for years. Swearing out a criminal complaint is a very serious act.

    Even if you name one, likely they will name the other 5.

    That one is responsible for the whole crime and its damage and often turns in others to reduce their responsibility.  

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    The one says, "I was there, but I didn't participate. Then the other five get immunity to testify that the one was just there, didn't participate, and actually encouraged the other five not to do it. Now the one has the charges dismissed, then files a suit against you for false arrest, false imprisonment, and the police charge you with filing a false police report.

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    Your logic is flawed.  YOU don't get to pick and choose who does and who does not get arrested.  It's that simple.  

    You can say whatever you want to the Police.  They will ignore you.

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