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What do Active Duty fighter pilots think of Air reserve and Guard pilots?

I know all components serve very important and necessary roles, but often the Guard and reserves aren't taken as seriously by their AD counterparts. I am curious if this is the case in the Fighter community as well, or if they are more highly regarded as professionals. I know that, at least for Air Guard, the fighter pilots often have to be full time drilling status for like 3 years with their unit after flight school if they get the job, is this enough to be seen as highly competent by AD pilots? I'm watching a documentary on the air war in Desert Storm and one of the pilots says that he was so much more prepared than his adversaries bc he did that job every single day for 7 years and that is one of the largest factors in his opinion. I'm also curious how Active Duty helo pilots view their guard counterparts, who I think can go straight to Guard drilling status after flight school without needing to be full time at all (I might be wrong about that). This question is in no way meant to be disrespectful to any component, just curious bc of what the pilot said, and also considering military service myself in either the Guard or AD, so I find this interesting 

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    most guard and reserve pilots have thousands of more hours of flight time than active duty pilots

    but like everyone else, they look down on guardsmen and reservist

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