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Fair punishment?

I'm a mother of two very enthusiastic and energetic children. Ones 9 a boy, and the other is 7 a girl. I was wondering if deflating their bicycle tires for breaking rules was a fair punishment. They usually like to play outside together with their friends, however they sometimes dont listen to what the adults tell them. Most parents would just take toys away, however with these little rascals I have to deflate their bike tires so they can't go outside. Only on very bad days do I have to actually really do any permanent damage like popping the tires or their footballs. I dont mind buying a few extra things every here and there, hence why I do it this way. 

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  • Archer
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    2 weeks ago

    If your going to "take away" do it with something that will have an impact like allowance, cel phone or internet. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    So - you never considered putting a chain and padlock on the bikes instead of doing actual WORK to let the air out and then need to put the air back in later when they aren't in trouble anymore.  Seems like locking up the bikes would be a lot less hassle compared to letting out the air and pumping them up again.

    Same thing with any other toy - instead of destroying it - locking it up so they can 't get it is an easier option.  

    Besides that - all you are actually teaching them is that if they want a new replacement for their older toy - all they need to do is make you mad enough to destroy it because you are going to just go replace it with a new one later.

    But - whatever.  Sounds like really bad parenting to me.  

  • 2 months ago

    You are setting yourself up for having to explain to others why your children have destroyed property when they were made and someone wasn't doing as they wanted them to. I'm not sure why you would be okay with that sort of behavior. You shouldn't have to destroy things to enforce grounding, if you cannot say, "You are grounded from your bicycle because you went past the boundaries we agreed on," (which is really one of the few things that would warrant being grounded from a bicycle) and have that respected... then you have a parenting issue. Honestly, things have to pretty horrible for me to ground my 11 year old son from going outside; I mean really bad, I want him outside, he needs to be outside, all kids need to be outside. We are talking major infractions like leaving the property, being unsafe, etc. 

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