i need help recovering lost folder(deleted by mistake)?

i really need your help guys! i deleted a folder of about 70gb with many subfolders. all of my files are still untouched, i searched for them using easeus data recovery and stellar data recovery,but they are all under lost folders or other other deleted stuff. how can i recover the files but also get back the structure of the folders . so,i can recover all my files,they are still intact,but i cant distinguish from the useless files and those that where on the deleted folder.i have to mention that the folder in question was on desktop.what do i do? do i just recover the files on a separate harddrive and find them one by one,or do you guys have a solution ?

btw,it happend because i was trying to delete a file that i downloaded from chrome...i selected the file to delete,pressed delete and boom! deleted the whole desktop instead(along side the pesky file that i mentioned)and yes, i was downloading on desktop cause it was the best place at the time,since my desktop only had 2 folders on it . on ewith useless memes and one with literally al my data :(

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago
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    I use Recuva but at that amount of data, I doubt it will improve. Do what you can with what you have. What's important is that all your files, relevant or not, are available for recovery. Restructure them later. This should teach you a lesson in backing up your files regularly. It's really easy. Get a large portable hard disk and copy-paste.

  • 2 months ago

    This might be a stupid question, but....did you try looking to see if they're in the recycle bin?

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