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I Don't Like Sharing The World With Other People?

Let me explain. I don't own the world nor do I hate people. Sometimes,pretty often, I want to be the only person on earth. Or only my group of family and friends to exist. It's not that I want everyone to die or something. I don't hate people at all. But I feel crowded and other people always make things more complicated. The masses create progression and if you choose not to follow it, your life gets so much harder. Other people are the ones setting up expectations, politics, and just make me feel so confused and self-depricative. I don't fit into what they want me to, my social and even career survival depends on keeping up with things I don't care about. If I choose to forego it all, I'll still feel the same. I just can't keep up or contend with the existence of other people enforcing nonsense that determines so much in a person's life. Is this okay?


It's not really my geographical location. I just have a hard time existing, knowing the world is bursting with people and compiled together they dictate a lot. Anyways, these answers were very thoughtful! Thank you so much!

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    That's perfectly fine if you can sustain such a lifestyle. That doesn't have to mean foraging for berries in a cabin in the woods but maybe moving to a small town. Small towns definitely have a less crowded and busy feel as well as the fact there are only the 2000 of you for 600 miles. If you have to live in a city and this bothers you so much, your internal perceptions of the world around can be changed. Most people do that drugs or take an eff-the-world protective stance that is not as tough/offensive as they think it appears.

    But to oversimplify what I'm hearing you say, in my best interpretation, you're upset you think people think you need to buy a Ferrari and marry a supermodel. My advice is then, stop that. Right now, as an example, 150 million people want you to drink Budweiser and shoot black people. The other 150 million want you to burn down the grocery store and shoot white people. It's lose-lose for you if what other people want for you matters to you.

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    2 months ago

    That's how most people want to live their life...

    There's nothing wrong with it...

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